Write mindful

Learn to write your life.



    Life happens right here and right now.  One great way to explore every facet of living is to use writing to unearth all the tools we have to fully experience each moment--our senses, our emotions, our connections to life, our authentic selves. 

    I’m a writer, an explorer, and a teacher by nature and intention, always searching for something real, substantial, and meaningful to share with fellow explorers.  This website holds some of the treasures I have found so far, and the classes that allow me to offer them to you. 

Mindful Writing Workshops - journal workshops with a focus on experiencing life in the moment. This workshop arose, in part, from the work of G. Lynn Nelson, Kathleen Adams, and other mindful writers.

Mindful Poetry Workshops - workshops for everyone (not just poets) to discover and explore the natural world through mindful poetry.

Mindful Poetry Meditation - these sessions are designed to allow you to experience the sounds, images, and emotions of mostly contemporary poems as they wash over you in a serene meditation studio. No meditation or poetry experience is necessary to relax and enjoy these sessions, which are followed by brief periods of reflective writing.

Journal to the Self® Workshops - journal writing workshop based on the work of Kathleen Adams.  Discover the writer within you.  Journal writing workshops for personal growth, creative expression, and life enhancement.

Mindful Writing Practice Consultation - Each one-on-one session is customized to help you establish or continue your own writing practice. Available for journal, poetry or other types of expressive or therapeutic writing.

Journal Writing and Art Through Guided Meditation - using guided meditation to clear away the surface chatter of the mind, participants explore their inner landscape and express what they discover through collage, color, sketching, and writing.

Celebrating the gifts of being, writing, and sharing.

Debora Palmer is a Certified JTTS® Instructor, Writing Instructor, and poet with an MFA in Creative Writing, a passion for writing, reading, and teaching.  You can reach her for more information about Write Mindful and upcoming classes at writemindful@comcast.net.